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PHPBenelux 2016 - Talks overview

Monday February 1, 2016 - Permalink - Tags: symfony2, opensource, confrence, phpbenelux, php, talks

Day 1

Down The Rabbit Hole​ - Cal Evans @calevans Joind.in

Security Theatre - Thomas Shone @thomas_shone Joind.in Keynote

Build RESTful APIs easily with Symfony - Sarah Khalil @Saro0h Joind.in Keynote

“Writing code that lasts” … or writing code you won’t hate tomorrow. - Rafael Dohms @rdohms Joind.in Keynote

Five Weird Tricks to Become a Better Developer - Jordi Boggiano @seldaek Joind.in Keynote

HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction - Bastian Hofmann @BastianHofmann Joind.in Keynote

Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution - Bernhard Schussek @webmozart Joind.in

PHP: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Patrick Allaert @patrickallaert Joind.in

Rewriting 12-Year-Old Code - Anna Filina @afilina Joind.in

DevOps for Developers - Michael Heap @mheap Joind.in

Symfony3, Hot off the Griddle - Andreas Hucks @meandmymonkey Joind.in

How machine learning can save your life - Nick Trogh @nicktrog Joind.in

Encryption, authentication and data integrity in PHP - Enrico Zimuel @ezimuel Joind.in Keynote


AST + better reflection - James Titcumb @asgrim Joind.in Keynote

Technical Debt: why it is crippling you and what to do - Tobias Gies @tobiasgies Joind.in Keynote

GrumPHP - Toon Verwerft @toonverwerft Joind.in Keynote

Live streaming 101 - Gabriel Somoza @gabriel_somoza Joind.in Keynote

Circuit Breakers with PHP - Bastian Hofmann @BastianHofmann Joind.in

PHPStorm - Rick Kuipers @rskuipers Joind.in

7 steps to become a mediocre programmer - Pim Elshoff @Pelshoff Joind.in

Day 2

The quest for global design principles - Matthias Noback @matthiasnoback Joind.in Keynote

A complex ORM... faster than SQL? - Marco Pivetta @Ocramius Joind.in Keynote

PHP Data Structures (and the impact of PHP 7 on them) - Patrick Allaert @patrickallaert Joind.in

The Lost Art of Defensive Programming - Jeremy Coates @phpcodemonkey Joind.in Keynote

PHP object mocking framework world: PHPUnit and Prophecy - Sarah Khalil @Saro0h Joind.in

SOLID Refactoring - Scato Eggen @scataco Joind.in

PHP 7, PHPUnit 5, and Beyond - Sebastian Bergmann @s_bergmann Joind.in

How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions - Jordi Boggiano @seldaek Joind.in Keynote

How to Migrate Anything with DDD - Gabriel Somoza @gabriel_somoza Joind.in

Service discovery and configuration provisioning - Mariusz Gil @mariuszgil Joind.in

Composer the Right Way - Rafael Dohms @rdohms Joind.in Keynote

One extension, three engines - Derick Rethans @derickr Joind.in

Caching on the Bleeding Edge - Samantha Quiñones @ieatkillerbees Joind.in

Extracting wisdom from stupidity - Ramon de la Fuente @f_u_e_n_t_e Joind.in Keynote

Let's write some History! - Willem-Jan Zijderveld @willemjanz Joind.in Keynote

Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design - Matthias Noback @matthiasnoback Joind.in Keynote

Hello, PSR-7. - Beau Simensen @beausimensen Joind.in

Speed Up Your Database 300 Times - Anna Filina @afilina Joind.in


Wtf is Hadoop? - Joeri Sebrechts @joeri_s Joind.in Keynote

Running effective code-reviews - Sander Bol @sanderbol Joind.in

Backing up your Laravel app - Freek van der Herten @freekmurze Joind.in Keynote

Cat herding with PHP Generators - Mark Baker @Mark_Baker Joind.in Keynote

Communication! Tips, ... - @grummfy @grummfy Joind.in Keynote

Get up, stand up - Jelrik van Hal @jelrikvh Joind.in

Microservices at home - Dennis de Greef @dennisdegreef Joind.in

Unleashing frameworks - Paul Dragoonis @dr4goonis Joind.in

Deterministic Deployments with BOSH - Omar Reiss @OmarReiss Joind.in

Level up your team - Stefan Koopmanschap @skoop Joind.in

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