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SymfonyCon 2015 - Talks overview

Wednesday December 9, 2015 - Permalink - Tags: symfony2, symfonycon, opensource, symfony, confrence

Day 1

10 years of Symfony - Fabien Potencier @fabpot

Dig in Security with Symfony - Sarah Khalil @Saro0h Keynote

When E-commerce meets Symfony - Marc Morera @mmoreram Keynote

40 ms: How HSNG delivers personalized e-commerce with Symfony and Magento in the blink of an eye - Magnus Nordlander @drrotmos

Move Fast, Break Less: From DevOps to NoOps with - Fred Plais @FredPlais

The cloud is the future, and your architecture isn't ready - David Zuelke @dzuelke

Continuous delivery, testing in prod, autoscaling and business workflows for a SF app in the Cloud - Benjamin Talmard @benjiiim

Building high profile webapps with Symfony and API Platform - Kévin Dunglas @dunglas Keynote

Symfony routing under the hood - David Buchmann @dbu Keynote

Rethinking Extension Development for PHP and HHVM - Jeremy Mikola @jmikola Keynote

Doctrine 2: To Use or Not to Use - Benjamin Eberlei @beberlei Keynote

How Symfony Components boost the next generation of TYPO3 - Benni Mack @bennimack

A Journey Down the Open Road - Yoav Kutner @yoavkutner Keynote

Day 2

Guard Authentication: Powerful, Beautiful Security - Ryan Weaver @weaverryan Keynote

How Symfony 3.0 moves forward without letting anyone behind - Nicolas Grekas @nicolasgrekas Keynote

Symfony2 at BlaBlaCar - Olivier Dolbeau @odolbeau Keynote

Matters of State - Kris Wallsmith @kriswallsmith Keynote

Breaking Boundaries with FastCGI - Andrew Carter @AndrewCarterUK Keynote

Lightning fast Symfony tests - Jakub Zalas @jakub_zalas - A Symfony project like no other - Tugdual Saunier @tucksaun

New Symfony Tips and Tricks - Javier Eguiluz @javiereguiluz Keynote

"Perfect" caching with FOSHttpCache - Andre Rømcke @andrerom Keynote

Comparing Symfony2 perfs in PHP7 migration - Julien Pauli @julienpauli Keynote

Symfony2 Forms: Do's and Dont's - Bernhard Schussek @webmozart Keynote

Symfony: Your next Microframework - Ryan Weaver @weaverryan Keynote

Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project - Jordi Boggiano @seldaek Keynote

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